Vernier Hand Throttle Control Head


The Vernier Hand Throttle control is a basic and reliable control which is for throttle setting, other micro and macro adjustments. This products has uses in road construction equipment, gen-sets, air compressors and other mobile and stationary equipment. This product is rugged, therefore and stand high vibrations and still maintain its setting.

How to use:

The operation is very simple, you simply push the centre red button pull it into a general throttle setting and release the button (that locks it at that position)and then you can alter the setting to your liking by turning the knob (like a vernier) for fine adjustment, by turning the outer black collar.  When you are wanting to shut it down or change it to a different setting press the button and make it a new setting.


Quick Installation

Large knob as you are able to grab it even with gloves on.

Fast Shutdown

Positive Adjustable Brake

A special cable applies (& is pictured), it is additional if fitting in a new installation, we make these to suit. They can either have a conventional 3/16 UNF thread (10-32 UNF Thread) that is the same as a 33c throttle/gear cable on the outer end (other end has to be suited to the vernier so no options at that end) or a bare wire that can be wrapped around your existing carburetor, or throttle.   Allow 7-9 working days.