Exhaust Outlet Rubber 38mm or 50mm internal / 62mm internal 2 SIZES


Vetus Exhaust Outlet Rubber

Transom exhaust connection in EPDM rubber with stainless steel mounting ring. Can be mounted to the transom easily and flexibly.

Optional additional plastic hose connection, though this may not be required if being used with solid galv steel water pipe going inside it, however if you are running flexible rubber hose to the outlet then then the plastic hose connection is required.

The smaller 38mm has an internal diameter of 38mm and an external diameter of 51mm, flange diameter 83mm.

The larger size, has an internal diameter of 50mm (when you leave the internal sleeve in) and if you remove the sleeve it has an internal diameter of 62mm and an external diameter of 73mm, flange diameter 113mm.