Vetus Waste Tank Gauge


VETUS boat instruments offer a number of key benefits over other brands:

    • High degree of accuracy: Each instrument is tested and calibrated individually.

    • Reliability and longevity: Very low maintenance.

    • Smart illumination: Translucent dials, illuminated from below.

    • Double glazed: Prevents condensation as far as possible.

  • Supplied with: Two round bezels as standard: one black, one chrome finish.
A warning light can be connected to this interface, which will then indicate when the holding tank is almost full and that it is better not to use the toilet.

Reading: Waste - Markings for Low, High, Full.
Dial Colour: Black.
Voltage: 12v
Height: 10 mm.
Overall diameter: 63 mm.
Cut-out diameter: 52 mm.

Can be used with Vetus "wwsensora" (21712E) tank sender or sender with 300-0 OHM range.