Vuplex - Plastic Cleaner Anti Static Polish 445ml


This Vuplex product is the new replacement for Plexus.

It is the most simple and effective product to clean, polish and remove static on clear and coloured plastics. 

Vuplex seals the porous surface of plastic, extending the life span with a micro layer of protection. 

Vuplex makes fine scratches less visible, leaving a surface with crystal gloss all in one easy step, making Vuplex easier and clearly themost effective maintenance solution for plastic surfaces.

Can be applicated on:-

Boats, Aircraft, Motorcycles, Golf buggies, Displays, Aquariums, Helmets, Goggles, DVDs, CDs and anything that has plastic surfaces. Vuplex cleans and protects all types of clear and coloured plastic; Perspex, Lucite, Plexiglass, Lexan, Acrylite, polypropelene, vinyl windows, polycarbonate, acrylics, and window tint films, including painted surfaces, polished metals and stonework. 

445ml (375g)