VyBar Marine Engine Sound Proofing


VyBar  Marine sound proofing is an extremely robust aluminium faced sound insulation with an indefinite life.

It will not shed fibres and will not delaminate and remains unaffected by vibration, oil, water and hydrolysis.

VyBar Marine sound insulation is an extremely economical material that effectively reduces sound radiation and sound transmission in the critical frequency region of rigid panels such as steel, fibreglass, aluminium and timber.

It is supplied in 1.2 x 1.2m sheets which can be easily cut to size and fitted without the risk of damaging the fire resistant foil layer.

  • The 10mm thick sheets have a equivalent sound proofing performance to conventional foam style products and has the advantage it can be formed to the curves of the hull.
  • The 20mm thick sheet have greater sound reducing  performance with a 2nd barrier layer and extra thickness of the dampening material. It is also around 25% lighter than the conventional foam products.

Made in Australia

Options for freight-

-Either in full 1200mm x 1200mm sheets


-In smaller measurements  (eg 2 x 600mm x 600mm ) Cheaper freight(please enquire via email or phone as to what sizes you are After