DOMETIC CFF-20 Portable compressor Fridge/Freezer (21L)


The portable compressor is designed for small storage areas. Offers powerful cooling and freezing capabilities when on the move. Versatile and ideal for truckies to use in the cab, for personal use in van or car or for extra cooling storage when holidaying in RV, caravan or vehicle.


- Storage volume of 21L (equivalent to 27 x 375ml cans),

WxHxD  283x430x660mm (incl handles)

- Weight 10.8kg

-Drawing less than 1Ah/H on average on 12V @ fridge temp, can run off your start battery no problem.

- Power options to suit whether stationary or travelling.

- removable lid & screw on handles


- Easy setup and functionality will get the CFF20 cooling down to your preferred temp in no time. With built in 3-Level Battery Monitor system you can leave it running to intelligently manage the vehicle battery charge, no more flat battery worries.