Waeco CFX Fridge/Freezer


Specifically designed to fit all kinds of boats and vehicles, the CFX Series is a range of compact portable compressor fridges and/or freezers to keep food and drinks well chilled or even frozen while out on the road or out on the water.

The range includes a variety of models including an ultra-compact cooler and one with two separate temperature zones for simultaneous cooling and freezing.

Input voltage (AC 100-240 V) OR (DC) 12/24 V

28L  D620 x H425 x W342 mm 13.10 kg

35L D692 x H411 x W398mm 17.5KG 7amp @12V

40L D692 x H461 x W398 18.5KG 7amp @12V

55L D455 x H480 x  W720 21.34KG 7.8amp @ 12V

65L D498 x H 608 x W763mm 28KG 8.2amp @ 12V

75L D495 x H 472 x W829mm 27.8KG 12/24V

94L D530 x H472 x W962mm 29.8KG 9.2 amp @ 12V dual zone

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