Dometic / Waeco CRX Compressor Refrigerators


New model Waeco Compressor Front opening Refrigerators by Dometic.

Premium refrigerators for boats, caravans and Motor homes Dometic has made a name for itself as a specialist in marine and mobile refrigeration.

New variable speed compressor, that arrives at a 25% power saving. Traditionally the compressors ran until temperatures were arrived at and then simply cut off until they dropped below an average temperature band, this created a stop-start requirement and with it the noise, and more importantly the 3 times current drain required when starting a motor from the off position.  By having a variable speed compressor (and a variable speed fan) the power saving is achieved.

Equipped with Danfoss style high tech compressors for maximum efficiency on 12,24DC or 100-240VAC.

Voltage: 12/24v DC and 100-240v AC -to run on 230v a rectifier (available separately ) is required.

Interior light

Door with magnetic seal

Variable door mounts (left/right) Double lock (top/bottom) and dual function (locking/ventilation)

Separately insulated 3-star freezer compartment

Additional foamed rear-wall evaporator in the interior

Easy-to-change decor panel

Condensation drainage via hose connection or collection tank 5 models are available in CRX range from48-136 litres`

The 48L,64L and 80Litre models can be easily converted in to freezer by removing the freezer box door these will go down to -5 degrees C which is ideal for holding items frozen. When two matching units are purchased they can by installed side by side making a matching fridge/freezer combo.

Dimensions: (Width x Deep x Height)

48L (M13541E) 380mm x 500mm x 534mm

64L (M13541F) 448mm x 545mm x 525mm

80L (M13541G) 475mm x 528mm x 640mm 

108L (M13541H) 520mm x 558mm x 745mm

136L (M13541J) 525mm x 620mm x 810mm