All-purpose Tanks water, fuel (diesel), waste


These tanks are suitable for water, waste and diesel (up to an ambient temperature of 100°C).

This tank is made of thick walled high grade linear polythene, which is both rust free and less prone to condensation compared with a metal tank.

The translucent plastic means the contents level can be seen from outside for easy checking.

The tank is supplied without fittings and can be installed wherever you choose.

The wall thickness of 5-7 mm (depending on tank dimension) prevents permeation of odours and distortion of the tank

Available in 42L, 88L, 170L and 215L

42L: 460mm (length) x 350mm (width) x 290mm (height) weight: 3.4kg

88L: 800mm (length) x 400mm (width) x 330mm (height) weight: 8.2kg

170L: 1100mm (length) x 440mm (width) x 400mm (height) weight: 13.9kg

215L: 1000mm (length) x 600mm (width) x 400mm (height) weight: 15.9kg

The Water Kit is the best method of connection if you are going to use one of these tanks as a water tank.  Includes: 38mm elbow for filling, 16mm elbow for water pump, 16mm elbow for ventilation, t piece(if you want to join to another tank), inspection lid (enabling you to mount hose tails in the tank and clean it out. Also a pair of mounting straps.

The Fuel Kit is the most sensible way of connecting hoses and converts any of these tanks into a Diesel Fuel tank.  The connection kit has an anodized, salt water resistant aluminium lid with a counter flange and a rubber seal.  There is a 38mm filler connection cast into the lid, a 16mm breather outlet, an 8mm diesel return inlet, an 8mm diesel pick up pipe that will reach to the bottom of the tank(440mm max), and a clever spare lid that accepts a fuel gauge sender unit (5 hole SAE flange).  Spade terminal tag for 6.3mm ground wire, and 2 mounting straps.  All this is housed in the one casting that only requires one single hole of 4 1/2" (114mm)  This connection kit is suitable for plastic, metal or GRP diesel or petrol fuel tanks.