Webbing 25mm Tubular


With an abundance of use, webbing is a must have for any nautical or on shore activities.

The FLAT tubular design is very strong because the webbing is sewn into a circle.  This can also be used as standard flat webbing in a 25mm form, but provides double the breaking strain of single layer webbing, without going to a 50mm wide webbing.

Polyester strap webbing mainly used for safety lines on deck as Jacklines ( lines that run the length of the boat and enable users to secure their safety harnesses onto ), but has many other uses such as tie downs and securing straps.

It has minimum stretch, will not cause mildew or mark your boat.

It is hollow like a flattened tube, to give it very high strength. Though not certified manufacturers advise a 2 ton approx breaking strain.

Though the picture shows blue, the latest shipment is now Red. we expect to provide a new photo over the next 2 weeks showing the red.

Price is per metre.