West System Epoxy Standard Sheathing Resin WITH Hardener (4 pack sizes avail)



Resin 105 + 205 hardener.
The ratio of mix is 5:1.

We sell the resin and hardner as a kit (the resin won't work without the hardner) - 

4 size kits are available :

1.2L  = 1 litre resin & 200ml of hardner (27203)

4.8L  = 4 litre resin & 800ml of hardner (27202)

12L  = 10 litre resin & 2L of hardner (27202A)

24L  = 20 litre resin & 4L of hardner (27201)

The option of slow hardener is generally only used in temperatures over 24 degrees C.

They may be left in the container for years of dependable service without fear of melting or corroding.

When cured with West Systems Z205, Z105 provides the ultimate protection against moisture ingress when used as a coating & it is often used with glass fibre, dynel or Carbon where impact resistance is a requirement.

Adding glue, filler or fairing powders adds to the versatility of this system.  

Glue Powder additive is refered to as 413 glue powder.

Filler Powder is refered to as  # 411 filler powder

Fairing and filler Powder is refered to as # 410 fairing and filler powder