West System Microlight Filler Powder 410



#410 Microlight™ is the ideal low-density filler for creating a light, easily-worked fairing compound especially suited for fairing large areas.

By far this is the easiest to sand fairing agent we have seen. Consequently we have found the best success with this product is on vertical surfaces where normally it is hard to avoid the running downward of excess resin, creating hollows and highs. Simply mix this with West System resin / hardener (ratio approx 1 part mixed resin and hardener to 1 part #410 powder) to create an easily sandable fairing compound, can even be used for fairing underwater surfaces.   It is a light coloured, ultra-lightweight filling and fairing compound. Which is added to mixed resin to produce an easily worked smooth creamy filler.

Micro-light is about 40% easier to sand than micro - balloons yet is about 25% lighter.