West System Microlight Filler Powder 410



#410 Microlight™ is the ideal low-density filler for creating a light, easily-worked fairing compound especially suited for fairing large areas.

By far this is the easiest to sand fairing agent we have seen. Consequently we have found the best success with this product is on vertical surfaces where normally it is hard to avoid the running downward of excess resin, creating hollows and highs.

Ratio of powder to mixed resin = 1:1 + you can go up to 2:1

so, 5:1 (West system resin to hardener) - 5 egg cups of resin : 1 egg cup of hardener.

Gives 6 egg cups of mixed hardener + resin. 

Than add powder 1:1 up to 2:1.

Micro-light is about 40% easier to sand than micro - balloons yet is about 25% lighter.


Read the WEST SYSTEM User Manual  & Product Guide for detailed handling and application information.

  1. Mix WEST SYSTEM resin and hardener thoroughly before adding filler.
  1. Blend in small handfuls or scoops of 410 Filler until the desired, uniform consistency is reached.

This guide describes the Epoxy/filler consistency recommended for fairing.

*Very thick “Peanut Butter” consistency –for no-sag gap filling, easy to sand fairing*

For easier sanding add more filler. To extend working life, especially when working in warm temperatures, spread the mixture into a thin layer.

Apply epoxy/filler mixture slightly higher than finished surface. Sand to the desired contour when cured. Apply an epoxy barrier coating to seal sanded surfaces before applying solvented paints.