West System Glue Powder 413 ( approx. 500ml, 1L, 4L and 12L packs)


This powder is added to West System and other brands of epoxy resin & hardener to thicken the mixture and give the resin gap filling quantities and creating and extremely strong glue. 

Quite simply it is to be added to the resin to give an excellent epoxy glue capable of filling up to a 6mm gap without losing strength.  Ratio is normally 1:1 ratio by volume, (assuming you have mixed the resin & hardner together. Example = 5 egg cups of West system resin to 1 egg cup of West system hardener making 6 egg cups mixed resin and hardner, then you would expect to add 6 egg cups of #413 glue powder as a base point),  though the amount of powder added can be varied to alter the thickness of the mixture depending on requirements for spreading or more for thicker upside down or vertical surfaces where a thin mix would not give you the required consistancy.

New Zealand has now aligned itself with the U.S. with numbering thus the # 413 is the new number for the older # 403 powder.  100gm (Approx. 1L), 4L and 12L packs available