Windscreen Wiper Motor Large


This self parking large wiper is suitable for either bulkhead or through glass mounting.

Popular with trailer boats and smaller moored boats it is available in 3 shaft sizes to suit a variety of mounting thicknesses.

The 215BD is a pendulum or single spindle unit. It can easily be converted to a pantograph system with the external pantograph plate that comes with the pantograph wiper arm.

The wiper motor unit is fully enclosed in a waterproof housing. Measuring 190mm Wide x 100mm High x 60mm Deep (protrudes into cabin). The 25mm, 50mm and 75mm length refers to the shaft length poking through the cabin front.  Normally mounted above or below the glass of the windscreen.

The housing is water rated at IP66, so the 215BD is suitable for both open protected and covered boats.

Powerful enough for blades of up to 600mm.