World Cruising Routes, Jimmy Cornell - 9th ED


World Cruising Routes,

Jimmy Cornell - 9th ED published 2022

World Cruising Routes has replaced the former title of World Cruising Handbook which is being split up into two volumes, one being World Cruising Routes that has enabled more detail to be printed in each volume.

World Cruising Routes provides detailed latitude/longitude routes for transiting from a fixed location, e.g. Norway to Iceland and the points of landfall and distance to travel. Naturally there is a description and a best time to do the transit. Advice is given on options of routes. The book covers in sections North Atlantic, North Pacific, Polynesia, Indian Ocean, South Pacific, Mediterranean, and even Panama and Suez canals. Very much a serious offshore cruises volume.

The indispensable planning guide to nearly 1,000 sailing routes covering all the oceans of the world from the tropical South Seas to the high latitudes of the Arctic and Antarctic, geared specifically to the needs of cruising sailors. It contains information on the winds, currents, regional and seasonal weather, as well as suggestions about optimum times for individual routes.

This new, fully revised and updated 9th edition assesses how changes around the world (including Brexit and Covid) have affected cruising routes and how climatic change has altered the cruising landscape and necessitated adaptations in timing and route-planning.

It provides over 6,000 waypoints to assist skippers in planning individual routes, and is the perfect one-stop reference for planning a cruise anywhere in the world.

616 pages - Soft back - 195mm x 240mm